petiole Hosting Providers                                        

Where to host?

The only requirements for petiole are PHP, PostgreSQL, GDAL, and Apache. petiole can be run on any hosting accounts that provides above. petiole does not require Java and can even be run on a shared hosting account that meets requirements.

Below are some known hosting providers that can provide petiole Hosting.

Digital Ocean

You can install on a Digital Ocean $5 Droplet. The link is a coupon code for $10, so you can try it out and decide if it is for you. It will also give you a chance to easily re-load and re-configure so you can get familiar. If you decide to host a production instance, we recommend VooServers (see below).


VooServers (Recommended)

VooServers sponsors our public cloud and offers a fully supported stack for petiole with choice of USA (New York City) for $7 per month or UK (Maidstone) for £4.5 per month. We recommend VooServer for production hosting. We recommend them not only because they sponsor our public cloud (which is a non-forked petiole with a lot of users), they also manage our public cloud, secure it, and are familiar with the stack.


AcuGIS developed the petiole platform and offers petiole hosting in the USA, UK, and Germany. petiole can be added at no charge to any of their hosting plans.

Any VPS or Dedicated Provider

petiole can be installed on any VM or server (or shared server). It is designed to be light-weight and platform independent.

If you are a hosting provider and offer petiole hosting and wish to be listed above, please email us at hello (at) opentileserver (dot) org