petiole Features                                                        

Create, Develop, Manage, and Deploy Leaflet Maps Anywhere

Core Features:

  • Create Leaflet maps via intuitive UI
  • Markers, Lines, Squares, and Polygons
  • Free-hand and CSV/Table based maps
  • Multi-User Support with Single Sign On
  • Projects and Collaboration
  • Export to HTML, URL (public or password Protected), json, Bootstrap.
  • Integrated API plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Omeka
  • SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, PHP, NodeJS, and Python
  • Statistics for map usage and views with drill down and CSV export
  • Tile-agnostic (works with any map provider)
  • Add unlimited base layers
  • Layer Groups
  • Social Share


Leaflet Map Plugins Included (can be used via Map Settings):

  • Drop and drag markers, line, and polygons
  • Upload GPX, KML, and JSON
  • Marker Clustering
  • Password Protect
  • Sidebar
  • MiniMap
  • Measure
  • SVG
  • Local File Upload
  • Search
  • Export
  • Full Screen
  • Where am I? (GeoLocation)
  • Height and Width
  • Auto Zoom (saves Zoom level on map save)
  • Timeline (Playback)


Advanced Map Features:

  • GeoImage Overlay
  • Bounding Box
  • Legend
  • IntroBox (slider for non-map content)
  • Overlay (information overlay)
  • Cross-Reference (use map objects to link to other map objects)


Statistics and Analytics

  • Drill down graphs of map views
  • Map Views by map, browser, and location
  • Map Views by Hour, Day, Week, Month, and Year
  • Unique and Recurring
  • Number of API Calls


Develop and deploy maps for mobile, web, and desktop!

Take control of your entire map life cycle, from development to deployment to management. Usage statistics provide every view.

Intuitive Interface

The petiole map creation page provides you with a easy to use, intuitive environment in which to create your maps using markers, lines, and polygons. Map creation is in real-time so the map you see is the map you will get when you click the Save button.



Drag-and-drop Markers, Line, and Polygons

Drop markers, lines, and polygons onto map and style pop-up content via the UI.  Maps can be drawn “free-hand” or via CSV tables.  Add images, links, and formatting as well as link to other map content.



Leaflet Features in a Click

Easily add measure, search, minimap, sidebar, full screen, marker clustering, password-protection, timeline, local file upload, SVG, export, Image Overlays, Projects, and much more via the map settings panel.

Works with any Map Provider

Use any provider(s) you want to.  Create custom map layer groups.



CSV and Data Table Maps

Create maps from CSV files and data tables. Geo-encode locations across multiple fields (e.g. State, Zip). Advanced filtering to easily group and filter markers. CSV maps can also be edited on-map or in table.

Interactive Maps

Overlay images to create multi-layered maps or to add content to maps. Add historic and image overlays, or any other content. Add info sliders and insert links to objects to/from any other objects in one click, allowing you to make interactive maps quickly and easily.

Password Protection and Social Share

Share maps across Social Media and Email. Custom icons for Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Password-protect maps. Whether you download the full server or use our free public cloud, you never have to pay for Privacy with petiole.

Projects, Collaboration, and Single Sign On

petiole not only allows you to create Projects to organize your maps, it also allows you to invite team members to collaborate on maps. When you create a Project, you have the option of adding team members to the Project while still maintaining ownership of the Project.

petiole also allows you to assign maps to Projects you have created. This not only helps you stay organized, it also allows you to invite other team members to collaborate on Projects. As the studio owner, you can also log in as other team members without logging out of your panel. This is the same single-sign-on functionality used for managing client maps.


Deploy Anywhere!

In addition to standard map deployment options of HTML, iFrame, and URL (public or password-protected), petiole includes integrated plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Omeka!


Build Map Apps for Mobile, Web, and Desktop



Use our free SDKs for Android, iOS, Windows, PHP, NodeJS, and Pything, to develop mobile, web, and desktop applications.


Don’t get tied down

Started with our free Public Cloud and now self-hosting? No problem!

Your maps in our free public cloud were not created in vain!

You can import your maps from our free public cloud into any private petiole

Just go to ‘View Maps’ and click the “Import Your Shared Studio Maps” as shown above.

Enter our public studio url (or any petiole url) and your API key

You maps will be imported into your new petiole home.

You can move maps between any petiole installation and another!